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We are Project Cargo Specialists excelling in Project Logistics as the transportation, handling and installation of heavy items of weights in the range of 1 ton to 320 tons and maximum width/ heights that are too large to fit into normal containers or onto conventional transporters. We provide industrial transport planning, handling and ground control for these oversized items and transport them end-to-end. We provide the necessary resources to transport heavy lift items as special trucks or trailers (flatbeds) which are suitable due to their large loading area and capacities.

•  Project turnkey and full logistics management;
•  Logistics Process analysis and optimization;
•  Feasibility studies for transportation by road;
•  Physical route surveys and planning;
•  Cost analysis to optimize pricing & sourcing;
•  Regulatory and Security compliance;
•  Complete documentation;
•  Supply schedule expediting;
•  Transport insurance;
•  Port- and off-site warehousing;
•  Handling of heavy lift cargo planning & execution;
•  End-to-End execution, coordination and materials management and tracking;
•  Supervision of port operations for heavy lifts and over-dimensional cargo;
•  Transport packing;
•  Advanced corrosion prevention;
•  Hazardous cargo management;
•  Port-to-door transport management and tracking;
•  Procurement and document process management;
•  Warehousing and property control;
•  Transportation of vehicles and heavy equipment;
•  Fuels and consumables management;
•  Cranes & Fork-lifts etc.

Our skilled labour and drivers are trained and well equipped with handling latest communication devices to update on status or movement of consignments round-the-clock.

Our team of professionals with industry based technical & commercial knowledge and experience is well equipped to handle all types of cargo: break-bulk cargo, containerized cargo, over-dimensional-cargo (ODC), over-weighted-cargo (OWC) of any size/ weight/ length from door-to-door, any place to any place as per client’s pre-determined schedules safely and timely.

We supply standard trucks, refrigerated trucks, platform truck, 20’ /40 containers /STD/ HC/ GP/ LCL/ Refrigerated containers, side loaders, flat top trays, flat racks, flat beds/ semi-bed/ low beds, open tops and project cargo, EPC and turnkey projects, ODC and Heavy Lift cargo, skeletal semi trailers, retractable skeletal trailers, tipping skeletal trailers, flat top semi trailers, taut liner semi trailers and double semi trailers, trailers of semi-extendable and modular types, Volvo pullers or movers, hydraulic axles with interconnecting spacers, flatbeds etc and have the capacity to mobilize hundreds of vehicles as and when required for moving large volume of cargo of any nature from any place to any place under various environmental conditions timely and cost-effectively.

We strive to extend standard services across vast distances and through rough terrain all across India. Our motivated staff and our expertise in the industry always keep us on schedule by road. We provide relocation and movement of both of bulk and containerized goods. We offer a variety of transport solutions, be it group age or other transport services such as part and full load shipments by road.

We offer a door-to-door delivery services whereby we take delivery of the cargo from the exporters factory or warehouse and carry out the entire transportation process right up to the warehouse of the buyers. Very often our clients opt for such a delivery option as it streamlines the lower cost and minimal risk of loss or damage to the merchandise. Our expertise in providing such a value added service can be attributed to our wide reach by way of our All India network.

We can provide Cranes capacity from 10 tons to 200 tons and Forklifts capacity from 3 tons to 25 tons at much discounted and competitive rates than others. With changing technology trends we have upgraded our crane services to Crawler, Tower & telescopic Cranes for safe handling. We provide large open and closed warehousing facilities at strategically located places near Mumbai Port.